A new men’s statement sock trend has emerged over the Summer and is on track to continue throughout the coming seasons. Designers like: Alessandro Michele for Gucci, and coveted streetwear brands like: Off-White and Vetements have taken the once only utilitarian item from a mere whisper to a bold statement by incorporating whimsical details like: embroidery, logos, and even a reminder of which foot to place each sock on! (see below)

I’ve always been a fan of fun socks and have shopped brands like Happy Socks, religiously. These brands, however are leading the charge in the fashion sock revolution and with price tags reaching upwards of $80.00, don’t be surprised when you see more creeping out from under pants to over them.

Take a look at a few of my favorite shots featuring some statement socks of my own. I’m dying for these, next!

These from Vetements have “Left” and “Right” embroidered on them..in case you forget.


From Gucci. There’s an embroidered tiger on each side. See the full design, here.


Vetements with my favorite pair of Vans


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