About Rashad

My love for fashion began as a child when I would often sit and watch the women of my family getting dressed and doing their hair and make-up. Growing up in the eighties, I was always fascinated by the bright colors, bold prints, and textures that lined the closets of my mother, aunt, and grandmother.

As a young adult, I continued to cultivate my eye for style when I landed my first retail job with Gap, Inc., where I worked for over ten years. It was during my time with Gap and Banana Republic that I started to really enjoy working with people to find the right fit, the right color and the right style. Now, having worked on various photo shoots and sets for many years, as well as building a growing number of private clients, my point of view as a stylist is a simple one— to elevate the look, style and confidence of each client I dress.

As my clientele grows and I further my experiences in fashion, I am often reminded of that little kid eagerly watching his grandmother getting dressed. And just as she did while applying that last bit of blush, I smile.

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