Public School: Spring/ Summer 2015 Collection

Public School: Spring/ Summer 2015 Collection

The design duo behind cool- downtown brand, Public School presented their Spring/Summer 2015 collection today to eager fans.  The mostly black and white collection successfully blurred the lines between mens and womenswear—a trend that seems to be permeating various collections this season.

PS 1       PS 2

The usual suspects of crisp white button downs paired with slouchy shorts and easy- breezy-pants with elongated tunics were present and accounted for in addition to the few geometric prints. The two prints that infused black, white and gray (no surprise) were particularly successful.

PS 5   PS 4


The growth of Public School has been an exciting journey to watch, so far. It can, no doubt, be attributed to the huge support from the CFDA and the $300,000 prize from winning the Vogue Fashion Fund Award in November, but also to the immensely talented and seemingly grounded twosome behind the brand. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

PS 3   ps 6


See the full collection here.

Daniel Palillo’s  ‘Paintings about the Fashion World’ Exhibit Opens This Weekend

Daniel Palillo’s ‘Paintings about the Fashion World’ Exhibit Opens This Weekend

DP_ss_2015_PATFW10 copy


Photo: Daniel Palillo

Daniel Palillo is not into rules. This was instantly clear when I caught up with the Finland-based painter-designer while he prepared for the opening of his latest exhibition, Paintings about the Fashion World. Perhaps it’s in the shows content –a dual showcase of Palillo’s artwork and his latest collection for Spring/Summer 2015—where his rebellion against the status quo was mostly apparent.

DP_ss_2015_PATFW14 copy


Photo: Daniel Palillo

Rather than participating in the monotony of a typical runway show which lasts all of ten minutes, Palillo—who studied both art and fashion in school but didn’t complete either program—has chosen to employ a small army of mannequins outfitted in his extraordinarily detailed and graphic clothing and have them mingle amongst the paintings of which the collection was inspired.

photo 1 (1)



Photos: Brett Cook

The ensuing color from the lively artwork and fully masked (another reason not to use live models) mannequins that saturates the clinically white environment of the Hole gallery is both emotionally stirring and refreshingly new. Although, he has been inspired by specific themes when designing past collections, Palillo seems to have chosen a more organic approach with his latest work. “With this [collection] it’s been very different, there isn’t inspiration,” he explains. “It’s more about me working spontaneously. It’s more intuitive, and exactly how I see it in my head..there is nothing that interrupts.” With painting titles like, “Fat Hipster” and “Twerk” in the show, it’s obvious that Palillo possesses the same attitude that’s conveyed in his work: be bold with your choices, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

DP_ss_2015_PATFW7 copy


Photo: Daniel Palillo

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